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About us

Everyone has a role in keeping children safe and free from harm.

The West Sussex Children’s Safeguarding Board is a partnership of the various organisations and agencies that work across West Sussex in order to keep children safe and promote their well-being. Membership of the West Sussex Safeguarding Children Board includes representatives from agencies such as West Sussex County Council, Sussex Police, NHS Sussex, West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, Surrey and Sussex Probation, Districts and Boroughs, Educational settings and voluntary and community groups.

The LSCB has a range of roles and statutory functions, including developing local safeguarding policy and procedures, and scrutinising local arrangements for keeping children safe. Section 14 of the Children Act 2004 sets out the objectives of the LSCBs, which are:

a) to coordinate what is done by each person or body represented on the Board for the purposes of safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in the area; and

b) to ensure the effectiveness of what is done by each such person or body for those purposes

Included in this is the responsibility to carry out Serious Case Reviews. These are multi-agency reviews that take place when a child dies from abuse or neglect, or when a child has been seriously harmed, and there is a cause of concern in the way the authority, the Board partners or other professionals have worked together to safeguard the child.

Key Documents

Each LSCB is required to produce key documents, such as an Annual Report and Business Plan.


Our vision is to keep children and young people in West Sussex safe by:

  • Coordinating our local safeguarding activity
  • Being a driving force to improve local practice
  • Ensuring that all agencies fulfil their safeguarding responsibilities effectively


Our ‘Working Together’ as a Board is underpinned by six non-negotiable principles and values:

  • Honesty and respectful challenge of one another
  • Active participation by everyone
  • Always asking ‘so what’ is the impact?
  • Being guided by the ‘voice of the child’ and our practitioners
  • Sharing the responsibility and risk
  • Holding one another to account for delivery

The WSSCB Communications Strategy outlines how we communicate our key values and key messages across the workforce and the wider community.